Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Visual Studio Development Notes

If you’re eCommerce programmer and plan to dive into Microsoft Great Plains e-commerce net design and software development international, we advocate you a few preliminary subjects to bear in mind as preliminary research. If you have got enjoy with Microsoft C# or VB.Net programming, it might not be enough to work with GP, due to the fact Great Plains has its own proprietary platform, Great Plains Dexterity (now this IDE is known as Microsoft Dexterity). Dexterity has special constrains on GP tables structure, it additionally restricts GP ReportWriter functionality, additionally if you had a few publicity to customization gear, inclusive of GP Modifier, you should suspect to look Dex scaled down engine at the back of Modifier or maybe Report Writer. So, these are a few cautions on being overly too optimistic as .Net programmer. However, permit’s now go and evaluate improvement tools, SDKs and eventualities:

1. EConnect VS Development. EConnect ought to be top developers number one e-trade programmer improvement tool. You should have a few basic information in SQL scripting and stored methods – this can assist you to application eConnect, as eConnect logic is found out in encrypted SQL Stored Procedures

2. Direct SQL ADO programming. If you need light touch to GP database (DYNAMICS and company database in SQL Server 2005), you may strive SQL direct scripting and envelope them into ADO.Net calls. If your custom good judgment goes beyond simple information replace or inquiry, we endorse to you watched first approximately eConnect option, quit if you discover that is sincerely now not what you could afford, then move in advance and try low level (or direct SQL Query Analyzer) SQL scripts

3. GP Integrations Programming. If you are assigned to Great Plains Integration assignment, please review first GP Integration Manager, where GP business logic is tested for every included item. If out of the field IM need to be prolonged with custom modified logic, please try to rescue to VBA IM scripting, where you can do “earlier than report”, “earlier than report”, “after record” and other even oriented scripts

four. Microsoft Dexterity gaining knowledge of curve. We suppose this isn’t always truly practical, however GP has schooling class in Fargo, ND, which you can attend and emerge as licensed Dexterity developer, please verify with MS Dynamics subdivision, as we are not Microsoft and MS can exchange its schedules and plans at desire.